Bruno Mattress Review

In our Bruno mattress review, we’ll dive deep into the mattress company that gained massive success in Germany and is now in the UK market. It’s practical and affordable, but most importantly, it’s specifically designed to relieve pressure points for all kinds of sleepers. Back sleepers, side sleepers, or even stomach sleepers will enjoy this bed and find a new and comfortable sleeping experience. The deal is further made attractive by bonuses such as the free delivery feature everywhere in the UK. 


What is the Bruno mattress made from?

This review focuses on the Bruno mattress that first dominated Germany and has now expanded across Europe, including the UK. 

The Bruno mattress is made to be sustainable and straightforward to maximise its benefits and functions. It is efficient and functional as a home commodity, with the cover made for convenience and cleanliness. As a bed in a box, it’s managed to exceed regular expectations by keeping things simple and catering to everyone. 

You’d think mattresses that come in a box are of cheap quality, but the Bruno mattress that first triumphed in Germany certainly debunks this idea. The superior quality of the materials and the ergonomic technology used in this mattress is surprising for a bed that comes in a roll. 

Polyester fleece cover. This mattress cover is made of a premium quality material that is a blend of polyester fleece. It is very functional and sleek, with a quilted top part. The quilted top part is white, and it can be removed and machine-washed, which allows you to regularly keep your bed clean. The sides are made dark grey. There is a side zipper for a more straightforward removable and reattachment process. 

Aside from the cover being made of quality material, as expected from a German product, 4 handles are useful for moving the mattress around. It’s a cover that serves its purpose. 

Natural latex top layer. The upper layer is springy natural latex, designed to allow airflow for a fresh and cool sleep even through the hot UK summers. This also helps keep your body warm during the winter season. 

Bruno mattresses use a natural latex material that is cool to the skin and springy to the body. These are two characteristics that are not found on regular memory foam mattresses. 

This latex material is naturally hypoallergenic, which will work best for sensitive sleepers who have difficulty sleeping because of their triggers. Rest assured, the hypoallergenic aspect of the top layer will not prevent you from sleeping. 

7-zone BrunoX foam mattress base layer. The base layer is divided into 7 zones, with each zone corresponding to the different pressure points in the body. This innovative technology ensures that you don’t wake up with an aching back or throbbing leg. I sure wish I had this mattress in university when my back was always sore in the morning because of my terrible sleeping habits. 

Additionally, the base layer is made to distribute and support your weight evenly for proper spine alignment. This also helps to take off the pressure from your body, especially your back. 


How does the Bruno mattress feel to sleep on?

Here’s what you need to know about the Bruno mattress: it’s designed to be just right for everyone, no matter what kind of sleeper. It provides the perfect amount of firmness and support, without compromising your comfort or sleeping experience. 

Bruno mattresses are the perfect balance between hard and soft. So if I were to put it on a firmness scale, it would fall somewhere between 5 and 6. The mattress is also designed to adapt to your varying weight distributions as you change sleeping positions, preventing any body part from receiving too much pressure that would cause soreness in the morning. 

That’s why even if you’re a side sleeper, a stomach sleeper, or a back sleeper, the mattress will support and conform to your body. This is all thanks to the 7-zone base layer technology that relieves pressure from multiple pressure points. 

The latex top layer provides a certain springiness to the bed. It’s a subtle bounce and gives enough support and fun for those who prefer a bouncy mattress. 

The edges of the bed are well reinforced. So much so that you can even opt-out for a bed frame and instead put it on the floor. One thing that Bruno made sure for their mattresses was that they were not only sustainable but that they would also last a long time all thanks to the high-quality materials and first-grade craftsmanship that goes into each bed. 


Bruno mattress weight and thickness

The Bruno mattress comes in a wide range of sizes, fit for most bed frames. It also comes in EU sizes, allowing it to cater to most of its EU constituents’ market. 

The thickness of all of these styles is 24 cm, which is pretty standard for a rolled, foam mattress in a box. The chart below indicates the seven different mattress styles and their corresponding dimensions. 

Mattress style Dimensions
Single 90 x 190 cm
EU Single  90 x 200 cm
Double 135 x 190 cm
EU Double 140 x 200 cm
King 150 x 200 cm
EU King 160 x 200 cm
Super King 180 x 200 cm


How much does the Bruno mattress cost?

As of writing this review, all the Bruno mattress sizes are currently sold out in the UK. Prices and stocks are always subjected to change due to sales, vouchers, season, etc., and so, it’s still best to check the website for actual prices. Please do not rely on these figures heavily, especially if you are reading in the future. 

One thing that I will say about Bruno mattresses is that they are relatively cheap. If you look at other UK companies that provide the same bed in a box, foam mattresses, you’ll find that the Bruno prices are very competitive. 

Suppose you factor into the free delivery, free trial period, 10-year guarantee, and the unique technology and supreme quality materials used for this bed. In that case, these prices certainly are strong candidates to consider. 

Mattress style Price
Single £385
EU Single £425
Double £550
EU Double £575
King  £675
EU King £725
Super King £775

Bruno alternatives

Our top 3 alternatives for the Bruno are below.  Our prime pick is the Nectar, which you can also find the full Nectar mattress review here.

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  • 101-night trial period
  • 10-year guarantee
  • Free delivery anywhere in the UK
  • Affordable prices


Is the Bruno mattress right for you?

Not every bed is perfect for every sleeper. But after extensively looking at the aspects and layers of this bed, we’ve concluded that the Bruno mattress should be an excellent match for a large number of sleepers. 

For one, it’s fantastic for any sleeper, specifically the back sleepers. The 7-zone foam base layer is an innovation that adds to the value of this product. It relieves pressure points, which is excellent for those who suffer from soreness in the morning. The 7 zones also help distribute the weight and adapt to your various sleeping positions throughout the night. So if you’re one of those who sleep in their backs but wake up face-down, this bed will undoubtedly revolutionise your sleeping. 

Aside from being an excellent fit for all sleepers, this mattress is hella cheap and is certainly affordable for a lot of people. This affordable price is made possible by the company selling directly to the UK, cutting out any middlemen in the process. The mattress itself is already a great deal, but if you consider the perks as well (such as the free delivery!), it’s a buy that is worth every penny. 

If you look into these mattresses’ production, you will gain a new level of appreciation for the company. The latex top layer is made to be sustainable—which is a great help for the environment as non-natural latex materials aren’t biodegradable. And the quality and manufacturing of every bed is top-notch quality. This ensures that your product will last you a long time and you get more than what you deserve for the amount you paid. 

Final verdict

To recap, the Bruno mattress is an excellent mattress for all types of sleepers. The technology used in this bed ensures a pain-free and comfortable sleep. It’s easy to clean, convenient, and practical, as it should be, all thanks to the wonderfully-designed cover that is washable and high-quality. It’s incredibly affordable with all the great bonuses like free delivery and a 101-night trial period. Most importantly, the production of this bed is sustainable and reliable, ensuring that your mattress will last a long time and you’ll be using it guilt-free knowing that you’ve helped Mother Earth in the long-run by making a sustainable decision.