iGel Mattress Review

iGel is a brand of hybrid mattresses and other bed accessories that are exclusively sold at Bensons for Beds. The main feature of iGel is the advanced technology that they have crafted for their mattress collection. 

iGel Mattress Features

Not too cold or too hot

The iGel Advance technology ensures you won’t sleep too cold or too hot but just at the right temperature to keep them sound asleep. This is paired with Graphene Technology which is the best temperature-regulating material from iGel, outperforming the others.

The ideal temperature range for sleeping is 35 to 37 degrees Celcius, which is not too cold that you’ll wake up needing a blanket but also not too hot that you’ll wake up needing to turn on the AC. 

I especially feel at ease that this brand employs a Nobel Peace Prize Award-winning technology in their mattresses. It works seven times faster than standard memory foam in transferring heat from the body to the mattress, ensuring a “next-generation” sleep. 

Cool and fresh sleep 

Another feature that I appreciate from this brand is that on top of having a temperature-regulating technology, they have also employed FreshNow moisture-wicking technology. This ensures a cool and fresh sleep without breaking out in a sweating fit in the middle of the night. FreshNow actively absorbs moisture and disperses sweat throughout the night.

Superior pressure relief 

The iGel infused in the mattresses sports gel crystals provide advanced pressure relief to prevent pains from building up on your joints or back. Moreover, these gel crystals are also responsible for providing a sufficient amount of sinkage and body contouring that promotes a well-supported sleep. 

This patented technology works by having the crystals collect deeper and denser parts of your body to provide more personalised and appropriate support. However, these crystals move freely and will never lock you in place so that you can freely move or turn on your sleep without any struggle or discomfort. 

Natural and eco-friendly 

Aside from outperforming all other materials, another great advantage of Graphene Technology is that it is all-natural and eco-friendly, an excellent alternative for synthetic materials that exhibit the same features. 

Suppose you are leading a sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle. In that case, you will also be happy to know that iGel dedicates itself to recycling its materials and fabrics, guaranteeing that no material is left unrecycled. 

As a bonus, all iGel mattresses are also Certi-PUR certified, which certainly puts me at ease that I will not be inhaling any chemicals during my sleep. 

iGel Mattress Bonus

5-year guarantee period 

Bensons cover all iGel mattresses for Beds’ 5-year guarantee period, which will replace any mattress, divan set, or bed frame for any faulty manufacturing or craftsmanship that may arise later in 5 years. 

The 40-night comfort guarantee period 

Bensons for Beds also offers a 40-night comfort guarantee period which you can utilise to determine whether or not your target mattress to purchase is suited to your sleeping habits and preferences. 

This period lasts for a minimum of 40 nights to a maximum of 56. A mattress protector must be used during the trial period, but the great thing is that they will provide one for free under the BedGuard plan. 

Free delivery

Any purchase above £100 will be delivered to your room of choice. This is essentially all iGel mattresses. They cover most areas in mainland Britain (from England to Scotland and Wales). 

If you are living in a remote location, we suggest looking into their limited area delivery service

Top iGel Mattresses

iGel Advance 2000 

This is a hybrid mattress that features all signature iGel mattress technology such as iGel Advance and Graphene. It has a ‘firm’ firmness rating.  It features a layer of 2000 pocket signs that are individually wrapped to provide superior personalised support that will react according to your movements. The pocket spring layer works in unison with the 5cm layer of gel crystals embedded into the bed. 

The standard FreshNow technology guarantees a cool and fresh sleep without any icky moisture that will make you uncomfortable. Another feature that I appreciate about this mattress is that it is antibacterial and hypoallergenic. As someone who has allergies and can easily be triggered, this is an extra feature that makes my sleep unworried. 

The AdvantEdge technology also provides extra reinforcement in the edges, preventing a feeling of spilling over the bed, especially for heavier sleepers. 

iGel Advance 2500 Pillow Top

This is iGel’s pillow top mattress with the most pocket springs. It features all standard technologies on top of a premium construction for a night of extra comfortable sleep. 

It is available in two firmness ratings: medium and firm. 

It has a dual-layer of 2500 pocket springs that are suspended in a layer of foam for premium and personalised support that contours to your body’s movement and provides sufficient amounts of pressure relief. The surface is quilted into a pillow top that features an aesthetic design. The design is available in 6 colourways in total. 

It is also Vivatex certified safe, as it is made from soft and greener fillings and fabrics made from second life textiles. It’s guaranteed to be 100% recycled for a guilt-free purchase. It is a no-turn mattress that doesn’t warrant any rigorous maintenance. There are also handles sewn onto the sides for easier rotation. 

iGel Advance 3000 Plush Top 

This is the bed with the most number of pocket springs matched with a plush surface. With a total height of 35cm, it is unarguably the plushiest and most luxurious bed among iGel mattresses. 

It features a layer of 3000 pocket springs encased in foam for superior pressure relief, body contouring, and support. This ensures that you get a well-supported sleep. It has a generously thick layer of iGel advanced beaded gel that helps with the pressure relief and prevention of aches and pains.

The top is quilted for a soft and comfortable feel. The design is meant to be for aesthetics and is also available in 6 colours. It also features other regular iGel technology such as AdvantEdge for extra edge-to-edge support that prevents rolling off the bed, Vivatex for green fabrics made from recycled textiles, FreshNow for a cool, moisture-less feeling, and Graphene Technology for a well-regulated sleep.