Mammoth mattress review

We’ll take a deep dive into Mammoth mattresses, designed by experts but made for everyone. They have a wide range of beds and models that will cater to your needs and preferences. These beds have undergone extensive testing that has proven their health benefits and capability to improve sleep. The company offers a 5-year guarantee period as well as free delivery anywhere in the UK. h


What’s the Mammoth mattress made from?

This review will primarily focus on the Mammoth Rise mattress. Mammoth has three styles: Rise, Shine, and Move. Each bed is a better and more improved version than its predecessor. To make this review more informative and narrowed, I decided to focus on the Rise bed as it is the standard among the three when it comes to features and technology. 

Mammoth, as a company is made out of UK experts that pride themselves in the scientific accomplishments of their products. Mammoth mattresses are technology-forward and have been scientifically proven to improve the sleep quality of its users. Not only do these mattresses feel heavenly, but you can rest assured that these beds will do you and your health miracles. The best part is that all these claims are backed by science. 

Specifically, Mammoth beds utilise their trademarked components that are the products of rigorous research and years of trial and error. Therefore, you can’t guarantee perfection. I’ll be discussing what these trademarked technologies are and how exactly they can help you sleep better. These beds are so good that athletes use them, to recover and relax from a long day of training. 

Medical Grade Foam. This isn’t just your regular memory foam, but it’s a particular type of foam that has undergone extensive testing during its development process. Research has shown that it improves sleep quality. This foam isn’t too hard or too soft, but it’s just the right amount of firmness that will benefit your sleep. It is highly effective in conforming to your body shape and movements, successfully removing any pressure. It works the same as memory foam, but it does it 10 times better. This is great for those who regularly experience pain and soreness when waking up. It would have certainly helped my mother when she was suffering from back pains on the regular. 

PostureCells™. Mammoth mattresses are meant for sleeping in twos while minimising the disturbance that sleeping with a partner might cause. Its PostureCells™ technology divides the bed into zones, and these zones move independently of one another so that the movement is contained within one zone, and it doesn’t spread out to your partner’s sleeping area. This is also engineered to be naturally cooling, preventing any discomfort and heat during the night, effectively making your sleep comfortable and better. 

The cover for Rise mattresses is uniquely quilted. This is sophisticated and comfortable to the touch and adds bounce effect. Each Mammoth style has a different cover. 


What’s it like to sleep on?

The Rise mattress is just revolutionary. It contains all the company’s best technologies to introduce a night of better and more relaxed sleep. If you have outgrown your Rise mattress or are looking for more fun and different effect, you might want to look into the Shine and Move styles. The Rise mattress has four models: Essential, Plus, Advanced, and Ultimate. 

When it comes to the firmness, the Rise Ultimate is the softest option, whereas, the Rise Essential and Rise Advanced land in the middle, with a medium-grade firmness level, the Rise Plus is the firmest model among the four. This is just within the Rise mattress style, and it shows how wide of a range Mammoth offers. 

The Rise Essential, which is the most basic model in this line, has a 35 mm Medical Grade™ Foam layer, adding a sufficient pressure relief and sink. This is underneath a layer of 1000 comfortable pocket springs that provide a subtle bounce. 

The same standard is employed for the Rise Plus bed, on top of a highly supportive foam base. In essence, the Rise Plus is a more reinforced version of its previous counterpart. Rise Advanced has the same components as Rise Plus, just with a thicker layer of Medical Grade and more pocket springs. The Rise Advanced model illustrates the same. 

Going outside of the Rise mattress line, the Mammoth mattresses’ feel significantly differ when it comes to the Shine and Move bed styles. Rise may be the standard, but Shine and Move each add a unique element or extra feature that makes the sleeping experience entirely different. 

This is another way to know that Mammoth is an incredibly accommodating mattress brand for any sleeper and sleeping preferences, similar to Hyde and Sleep mattresses.

Shine’s extra feature is that it’s made explicitly for back pains and to provide a healthy sleep that will benefit your wellbeing. It has PostureCell™ zones are strategically placed on the bed where they will most likely target your pressured and strained body parts. 

The move is named as such because of the advanced motion technology that it offers. It’s meant to be used with the Move Divan bed frame, a flexible and movable bed frame that will conform to your preferred sleeping position. This makes sleep even more personalised and indulgent. 


Weight and thickness

This section is a presentation of the dimensions of the different mattress models within the Mammoth Rise line. For more information about the dimensions of the other lines of beds within Mammoth, we suggest looking into their website. All models are 24 cm in-depth; they defer in terms of the Medical Grade Foam thickness. 

Mattress model Thickness of Medical Grade Foam
Mammoth Rise Essential 35 mm 
Mammoth Rise Plus 40 mm
Mammoth Rise Advanced 45 mm
Mammoth Rise Ultimate 50 mm

Outside of these measurements, here is also a chart that tackles the sizes offered by Mammoth. These apply to all of their mattresses. 

Mattress sizes Dimensions
Single 90 cm x 190 cm 
Double  135 cm x 190 cm 
King 150 cm x 200 cm 
Super king 180 cm x 200 cm 


How much does the Mammoth mattress cost?

The chart below is a presentation of the prices of each Mammoth Rise mattress model. Do keep in mind that these are the current prices at the time of writing, and they are bound to change over time due to a variety of reasons. I strongly suggest checking out their website or calling your nearest retailer for updated prices. 

A quick look at this chart will reveal to you that these are incredibly competitive prices, considering the trademarked technology in these hybrid beds and the level of craftsmanship put into each bed. All Mammoth mattresses are made and assembled in the UK. 

Mattress model Price
Mammoth Rise Essential  £399.00
Mammoth Rise Plus  £499.00
Mammoth Rise Advanced £599.00
Mammoth Rise Ultimate £699.00

Mammoth alternatives

It’s always a good idea to have a look around when deciding what mattress to pick.  That’s why we have included our best alternatives to the Mammoth below.

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  • Free delivery
  • 5-year guarantee
  • Get 2 free pillows with Shine and Move mattresses


Is the Mammoth mattress right for you?

Mammoth mattresses come in a wide range of styles and features, whether with the firmness, the extras, the sizes, and the themes. We can’t stress it enough, but mattresses aren’t a one-size-fits-all, and it’s always essential to pick one that fits you, your preferences, and your sleeping habits. But Mammoth offers such a wide range that it’s impossible to not choose the perfect mattress for you. 

Additionally, Mammoth beds are some of the most competitive hybrid boxes that come in a box. It employs advanced technology whose effects and experts carefully research benefits. If you’re planning to invest in a great bed that will certainly make you sleep better, improve your moods in the morning, and help you live faster at night, this is that mattress for you. 

Looking into it in a focused lens from its wide range of potential customers, this is especially great for the elderly, those suffering from back pains, and athletes. Precisely because Mammoth beds are investigated for their health benefits is why they are specifically crafted for those who are suffering from sleep-related pains and need better sleeping habits to improve their quality of life. 

And, even if you’re not suffering from anything, Mammoth is too good of a deal to pass on. It’s free delivery; a 5-year guarantee covers it, experts make it, it’ll help your health, there’s a wide range of beds to choose from, etc. It’s undoubtedly a strong contender to consider. 

Final verdict

You’ll enjoy Mammoth beds whatever your preferences are. They have a wide range of options to choose from, and it’s impossible to not find the perfect mattress for you. But more specifically, if you have back problems or an athlete/dancer in need of a comfortable bed to sleep at night, Mammoth is the answer. Moreover, it’s free delivery with a 5-year guarantee period.