How to firm up a soft mattress

Your mattress feels too soft lately, but you can’t afford to replace it yet? How do you firm up a soft mattress now that you’re asking the internet for answers? We’ve got just the solution. In this guide, we will examine; 

  • The best way to make your mattress firm 
  • How to deal with a soft mattress 
  • Increasing the comfort of a mattress

How to make a mattress firm 

To harden a soft mattress, the most common suggestion is to buy a mattress topper. There are mattress accessories designed to enhance the features of your bed. Whether it should be more comfortable, firmer, cooler, and other necessities, here are some ways you can try to make your mattress firmer. 

  1. Pull your beddings tightly.

A simple way to make your mattress firmer is to pull your bedding tightly so that it lies flat on the bed. Putting pressure on your mattress by pulling the bedding taut on the corners will make it instantly harder. 

  1. Place a plywood sheet underneath your bed.

You can also try this low-budget method to firm up your soft mattress instantly. In this case, place plywood or an MDF sheet on your bed frame as a “buffer” layer between your mattress and the frame. The hardness of the sheet will affect the bed. Additionally, it will prevent premature sagging. 

  1. Replace your divan base or bed frame

The logic here is similar to that of the plywood sheet. The base of your mattress determines its firmness. Spring divan bases are known to make mattresses less firm than solid divan bases. When the slats or the base have weakened, it will make the mattress softer than it should be since the base will creak under your weight.

What to do if your mattress is too soft 

If you find your mattress too soft that you cannot get comfortable under the sheets, we recommend that you either replace it with a new, firmer mattress or find ways to make it firmer. 

  1. First, consider your options. If your bed was purchased recently and you are still within the free trial period, you can still get it replaced for free. 
  2. When your bed has seen maximum use over the years, it’s about time to throw it out and buy a new one. 
  3. If you still think the bed can be salvaged, consider placing a plywood sheet underneath it, buying a mattress topper, or adjusting the temperature of your room. 

How to make a mattress more comfortable 

Having trouble sleeping on your mattress might be due to a mismatch between your desired firmness and the actual firmness or feel of your mattress. Changing the bed’s feel would be a simple fix. This could be done in three different ways. 

  1. If the mattress is too soft, make tweaks to the bed so that it feels firmer. 

This could be done in various ways, such as using a mattress topper, using plywood under the bed, or changing the divan base or bed frame. 

  1. If the mattress is too firm, the same methods as firming up a soft mattress apply. 

You can try looking into buying a softer mattress topper that would immediately transform your sleeping surface.

  1. Another easy fix is just to flip your bed. Two-sided beds are meant to be turned regularly to even out the wear. 

If you haven’t kept up with turning your mattress, the top surface has likely been worn down for longer than it should be, which explains why it suddenly feels uncomfortable.

How to make spring mattress firmer

Spring mattresses become too soft when the springs have started to break down since they are the primary component that holds the mattress up and provides support. In this case, the answer is to either add hardness to support the springs or replace the springs themselves. 

  1. First, you can add a sheet of plywood between the bed frame and the spring mattresses. 

The hardness of the plywood will provide support to the springs that will then, in turn, provide support to your body. 

  1. Another method is to simply replace the spring system of your bed, which is usually a lot cheaper than replacing the whole bed itself. 

How to make a pillow top mattress firmer

Pillowtop mattresses provide a softer surface, but you can add a foam mattress pad for additional support if it feels too soft. 

  1. Adding a firmer mattress pad will instantly make the surface feel firmer. If you are sleeping with a partner who prefers the softness of the pillowtop, you can simply cut the firmer mattress pad so that it only covers your side of the bed. 
  1. If the box spring system or bed frame are worn out, consider tightening or replacing them respectively. 

How to firm up a Tempurpedic mattress 

Tempurpedic mattresses are a particular type of memory foam bed. Over time, they may feel softer than they should be due to regular use. This can be reversed by using a more rigid base, adding a firmer mattress topper, or regulating the temperature of your room. 

  1. A weak base could affect the firmness of your mattress, whether it is a divan base or worn-out bed frame, or bed slats. You can fix the problem by choosing a solid divan base or tightening the screws on your bed frame. 
  2. Another way is to add a firmer mattress topper. 
  3. Because Tempurpedic mattresses are made from memory foam, they are sensitive to heat and soften more under hotter temperatures. 

You can regulate the temperature of your room to a colder one and see how the bed reacts to that change. This is an excellent video of different ways on how you can harden a mattress that is too soft.