Unexpected Guests: Sleeping Solutions

Every day you are greeted with unexpected guests at your doorstep, but there are certain instances when you find yourself with guests without being prepared. A situation like this can be stressful, especially if you don’t have a spare room and don’t know how to sleep comfortably at home. Among the questions you probably have are: 

  • Without a spare room, what are the options for guest beds? 
  • In small spaces, how can guest beds be used? 
  • For guests, how should spare mattresses be prepared? 
  • Which are the best spare mattresses for guests?

Guest bed solutions without a spare room 

If you do not have a spare room to accommodate your guests in, you can transform spaces in your home into a space that your guests can sleep in. This is where sofa beds come in handy, as well as portable fold-out beds that can be stowed away when not in use. 

These aren’t quick fixes, but they are preparations you can prepare for future unexpected guests, especially if you don’t have an extra guest room. 

Here are some guest bed solutions that you can look into if you do not have a spare room.

  1. Invest in a sofa bed 

A sofa bed is a sofa that can be converted into a bed when necessary. This is highly cost-effective as you are essentially killing two birds with one stone. 

Moreover, it is ideal when your home lacks the space to store an extra mattress. Your guests can enjoy their own space while staying at your home by using sofa beds in the living room, the lounge or the sitting room. 

There are generally two types of sofa beds. The first is a click-clack sofa bed that unfolds out flat so that the foam upholstery is the actual sleeping surface. This is perfect if you are on a budget. 

If you want to splash out, you can buy a metal folding-frame sofa bed that features a sprung mattress for extra comfort. Unfortunately, the downside is that they are more expensive. 

  1. Install stowaway beds or invest in foldable ones 

It is fantastic if the unexpected guests you are expecting have children or have children yourself. You can install stowaway beds underneath your children’s bed frames, and when necessary, the mattress can slide out from underneath. 

Furthermore, you can purchase a couple of foldable or roll-up beds that are perfect for kids. When not in use, these beds can be hidden neatly in cabinets or cupboards.

However, they aren’t limited to kids alone, as there are also fold-up mattresses designed to be used by adults. 

  1.  Blow-up beds or air mattresses 

If floor space is not an issue, a great option is to offer air mattresses or blow-up beds for your guests to sleep on. 

While air mattresses are extremely stuffy and uncomfortable, modern advancements have made them extra comfortable and have cooling technology. 

You can use these to save space around your home. The fact that most beds already come with inflators that can prepare the bed within a few minutes is another benefit. 

Guest bed solutions in tiny spaces 

Finding guest bed solutions can be difficult, especially if you are short on space. Fortunately, clever, multifunctional bed designs come in handy at this point. Additionally, if you have a small spare room but are limited in space, you can buy small but functional beds as well as bunk beds that are space-saving. Below is a breakdown of our recommendations for guest bed solutions in tight spaces. 

  1. Multifunctional furniture

A great answer to your guest bed problem is to invest in multifunctional furniture that doubles up as sleeping spaces or mattresses. 

Aside from sofa beds, there are also cabinet-drawer daybeds that transform into sleeping spaces. There are single beds that expand into doubles or even ottomans that turn into mattresses. 

These not only provide your guests with comfortable sleeping surfaces but are also pretty useful when not being used by guests.

  1. Single or bunk beds 

If you have a spare room that is permanently dedicated to your guests but finds yourself to be short on space, the answer is to install small single or single-sized beds and mattresses. 

You can also consider getting bunk beds if the ceiling height of the room permits. 

Spare mattress for guests 

If you’re looking for the best temporary mattress, we’ve already done the legwork for you and searched for the best spare mattress for your guests. 

Best Inflatable Bed: Intex Pull-out Sofa Inflatable Bed 

This inflatable bed from Intex doubles as a sofa and a bed by simply pulling out the mechanism. There is no complex or challenging assembly required. 

It comes with quick and simple-to-use inflation valves to make it extra convenient for you and your guests. However, there is some maintenance required to maintain the firmness of the bed, as it needs to be reinflated or topped off regularly. 

Best mattress: Inofia range

Inofia has a great range that is perfect for a spare room for your guests. Not only are they sleek and chic, but also comfortable as well. 

They don’t require the need of constant flipping like other beds.