Can You Put Two Mattresses On A Bed?

Can you put two mattresses on a bed? We’ve all wondered about this from time to time. Would it make a difference, how comfortable will it be, will it affect our health are just a few questions we keep asking when adding the extra mattress? Hopefully, this article helps in answering some of those questions for you. Here’s what we’ll discuss:

  • What types of mattresses you can pair together.
  • Does two make a difference?
  • Mattress, bedframe, and base dimensions.
  • The advantages, disadvantages, and alternatives.

Mattresses should only be paired together if you have the proper support for both; otherwise, the overall structure will be unstable. They should always complement each other so that you get the optimum support and comfort.

Types of mattresses and how they pair together.

Has your current mattress run its course? Are you looking to add a new mattress to the equation, or should you get a new bed?. A mattress usually has a life span of 10 years, give or take, considering its quality and care while in use. 

If you’re one of the many people who want to add another mattress to your bed to give yourself an added boost of comfort while extending the use of your old mattress, you may want to consider which type of mattress is best suited for the task.

Memory Foam on top of traditional Mattresses.

If you’ve wanted to try memory foam and are considering your options, you can try stacking a memory foam mattress on top of your traditional bed, and you can get away with this pairing.  Considering the structural integrity of a conventional mattress being more firm, you can put a foam mattress on top for added comfort. 

This addition on top will minimise motion transfer, helping you sleep more comfortably. You’re also getting the added advantages of a foam mattress in terms of support, relief at pressure points, and they are more accommodating to different sleeping positions. A foam mattress would be a workable option for you.

Spring on top of Spring Mattress.

This may not be the best option if you want to put a mattress on top of your old one. As the name suggests, Spring mattresses have springs embedded into their structure and need a solid surface for support. Not to mention the motion transfer because of the added spring layer. 

Also, stacking these mattresses on top of each other will decrease the ventilation, making your bed prone to mould and dust. It’ll also trap more heat, making your sleep uncomfortable. But, If you have minimal to no options, you can use slats with less spacing or a sturdy ply to give the mattress some support. 

Foam on top of Foam.

The structure of foam mattresses makes them a terrible choice for stacking on top of each other. The unilateral design can offset both mattresses, and you may have more issues than comfort with two foam mattresses. When you place the two mattresses, you will destabilise your bed, making it uncomfortable. Also, since foam mattresses usually retain more heat, you’ll have to deal with overheating while you sleep. The reduced air circulation can also cause allergies.

Putting two mattresses on top of each other can be the most cost-effective way to extend the use of your bed. However, you should consider getting a new bed if the mattress is too far gone and won’t give any support.

Is two better than one?

Having an extra mattress around is always good if you’ve got guests over, but storing and moving can be difficult. If you want to make a giant bed at some point but don’t want to bring another mattress into the mix, you can always use your spare mattress.

Mattresses with the exact dimensions can be joined together to make a larger bed. You just need to make sure you’ve got a good base. You can add a bed bridge for the slight gap between, a good quality mattress topper, and you won’t know the difference.

Dimensions of mattress, bed frame, and base.

You should mind the bed frame and base while trying to stack mattresses. You need to make sure you have a sturdy frame if you want to support both of them. The base usually determines how fast a mattress will sag, and if you’ve got slats or metal wiring, there will be sagging. 

You can adjust the distance between the slats for better support or replace it with firm plywood to even out the weight distribution. Make sure that your bed frame and the dimensions of the mattress are the same. That goes for the mattresses you’re going to stack together; otherwise, be prepared for slanted sides or deformation. 

If you’re planning to place the mattresses on the floor, make sure you clear the area of any dust and lay some protectors before building your bed.

Advantages, Disadvantages, and alternatives.


  • Foam mattresses are, in nature, lighter than traditional mattresses, so it’s easier to use them as the second mattress if you are thinking about putting two mattresses on top of each other.
  • You’ll get added support and pain relief.
  • The added layer of foam will make the bed more flexible for different sleeping positions.
  • There’s less motion transfer meaning you’ll be able to sleep better.


  • You’ll likely have a bed that overheats if used for long periods.
  • The structure may be unstable since the two separate mattresses will move.
  • There won’t be enough ventilation for the mattress leading to allergies and mould.
  • You could void your warranty if you don’t follow the guidelines for the proper use of your mattress.

Reading through, you may be wondering about alternatives. We’ve got you covered; mattress toppers provide protection and add to your comfort. There are mattress toppers available in case you want to extend the life of your mattress. 

Bed boards will be an added boost to your foundation and give excellent support. Most importantly, taking the proper steps for care of the mattress will ensure it lasts, and flipping it or turning it ever so often helps ventilate the mattress. 

Keep in mind that these tips can only extend the life of your mattress for so long. You’ll have to consider getting a new one if your old mattress is not doing the job anymore.


Now that we’ve discussed using two mattresses, you can choose which option best suits your needs. If you’re on a tight budget, stacking a foam mattress or adding a mattress pad or mattress topper can be a workaround for adding comfort to your old bed.