5 Best Mattresses Without Memory Foam

Have you been sleeping hot on your memory foam mattress and want to switch to something different? You may have just landed at the right place! 

A memory foam mattress has been the go-to option for most people looking for comfortable sleep. However, many households have started switching to organic and hybrid mattresses for a change.

This article reviews the 5 best alternatives to memory foam mattresses to keep your no memory foam game going strong.

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5 Non-Memory Foam Mattresses Reviewed

1.    Best Overall: Silentnight 1400 Eco Comfort Mattress

Out of the five best non-memory foam mattresses we have reviewed, our best pick is the Silentnight 1400 Eco Comfort Mattress. This mattress is perfect for restless sleepers and sleepers who like a firm comfort sleep.

Why we specifically chose this mattress as our top pick is its non-chemical and non-foam manufacturing treatment. In fact, we love that the mattress’ Eco Comfort fibre is 100% made of recycled plastic bottles, making itself an environmentally sustainable product. 

The best part? There are 1400 pocket springs in the mattress to provide tailored support and respond to every movement you make. More specifically, the fibre of the mattress allows moisture to evaporate, making your sleep cooler and breathable naturally. 

Also, if you’re someone in need of extra back support while sleeping, this mattress is here for your rescue. The mattress’ zoned Mirapockets allow an even distribution of weight across the mattress and improves spinal alignment for a relaxed and undisturbed sleep. 

Additional Benefits:

  • Non-allergenic
  • Regularly rotatable mattress
  • Manufacturer’s 5 years guarantee
  • Handmade in the UK

2.    Best For Allergenic Sleepers: Sealy Nostromo Latex 1400 Mattress

The Sealy Nostromo Latex 1400 Mattress is our favourite for allergic individuals who often deal with surface contamination and dust mites. The mattress uses Purotex, a self-cleaning fibre that gets rid of house dust mites and allergens for a night of healthy and hygienic sleep.

Like our first mattress, this mattress has 1400 pocket springs for zonal weight alignment and back comfort. To add to that, its quilted pillow-top provides luxurious comfort in abundance. Since the mattress is made of latex, it evenly responds to your body contours and distributes the pressure uniformly. 

The mattress comes with a firm comfort, while the Tencel eco fibre, made with eucalyptus, keeps the mattress cool and moisture-free. 

One thing to consider about the Sealy Nostromo Latex 1400 Mattress is that it is on the heavier side with a 38 kgs product weight. It also falls on the higher end of the price spectrum. 

Additional Benefits:

  • Approved by National Bed Federation (NBF), UK 
  • Endorsed by Allergy UK
  • Made by the world’s renowned latex brand Innergetic
  • Awarded the Which? Best Buy stamp for 5 consecutive years 
  • Made in the UK with adherence to Zero to Landfill policy

3.    Best For Kids: Silentnight Kids Foam Free Mattress

The brand Silentnight makes another appearance on our list with the Kids Foam Free Mattress. The title itself shows that this mattress is made for kids and their healthy sleeping needs. 

The Silentnight Kids Foam Free Mattress has recyclable, odourless and non-harmful fillings, unlike memory foam known for off-gassing. Since kids and infants are more susceptible to chemical toxins, this foam and the chemical-free mattress are perfect for your little ones to keep them safe from harmful VOC (volatile organic compounds). 

The mattress features Eco Comfort fibre which is entirely breathable and hypoallergenic. Another good thing about this mattress is that many sleep experts have designed it to improve children’s posture. This traditional Bonnell Spring system mattress provides extra support to your kid’s back and their sleep growth. 

Additional benefits:

  • 5 Years Manufacturer Guarantee
  • Single-sided
  • Ideal for 2+ years above kids
  • Eco Comfort Fibre gives a cooling comfort
  • Vegan friendly 
  • Quilted and knitted cover

4.    Best For Back Support: MarcapiumaSevenlife 18 100% Latex Mattress

There’s no doubt that the best non-memory foam mattress for back support is the MarcapiumaSevenlife 18 Latex Mattress. It’s an orthopaedic mattress made with 100% high-density latex. Plus, the mattress has a depth of 16 cm and medium firmness that supports your back excellently.

The mattress is made with seven differentiated comfort zones containing one anti-bacterial and anti-allergenic latex sheet with dual breathable holes. Its central high-density structure can support more than 65 kg per m3. 

Additionally, the MarcapiumaSevenlife 18 mattress evenly distributes your weight, making the bed adapt to each position of your body. It also aligns your spine in an almost perfect position and provides maximum comfort for people with a bad back. 

Additional Benefits:

  • Ergonomic orthopaedic design
  • Aloe-vera cover, anti-allergy tested
  • Removable cover with zipping
  • 100% made with latex
  • 10 years manufacturer’s warranty
  • Made in Italy, free delivery all over the UK

5.    Best Organic Mattress: Happy Beds Signature 2000 Pillowtop Medium Firm Tension Mattress

This mattress is a popular organic mattress and the best when it comes to providing medium firmness comfort. With 2000 pocket springs, the mattress caters to each move for a relaxing night’s sleep. 

We explicitly love this mattress because it has a luxurious blend of silk and lambswool as its fillings. The natural fillings in the mattress give off the comfiest feel. Not to mention, the organic cotton fabric invites more comfort and softness.

The Happy Beds Pillowtop Medium Firm Tension Mattress is exclusively handmade in the UK, using top-quality materials. With support coming from beneath, the pillow-top adds more comfort whilst giving medium-firm touch to your back. However, the downside to the mattress is the warranty which comes for 12 months only. 

Additional Benefits:

  • Approved by National Bed Federation
  • 33 cm deep
  • Rotatable mattress
  • Luxurious damask fabric to absorb moisture
  • Durable hand-stitches

Conclusion: Stick to Comfort!

These days it’s hard to find mattresses without memory foam in the market. With memory foam’s disadvantage of off-gassing and its tendency to heat up, you must consider switching to an all-latex, organic or pocket spring mattress. 

They are comfortable, made with natural fillings and do not disturb your sleep. To conclude, we’d like you to refer to the list of recommendations above and rely on our reviews to make the right choices.