Can You Put A Regular Mattress On An Ikea Bed Frame?

This is a good question, and the answer is yes, and no. It all depends on how you see the word fit in conjunction with an IKEA bed frame.

There are some variations in the sizes of European mattresses. Sweden and IKEA are under the EU banner, so that you can expect some differences in sizes compared to other countries. It is advisable to check the dimensions of the mattress and the best frame before proceeding.

Let me explain further.

We all know that IKEA is a Swedish company manufacturing very trendy, well-designed furniture. The designs are well thought out, and coming to an answer to the question are metric sizes.

If your mattress is supplied in Metric sizes like centimetres and millimetres, then your mattress should fit as usual.

European Mattress Sizes

If you look at a comparison chart of EU and UK mattress sizes, you will see a difference. Why, who knows, just bureaucracy has gone mad possibly.

Since January 1995, Sweden has been part of the EU despite its Scandinavian heritage. And with stores worldwide, it would be normal to expect IKEA to manufacture its furnishings to meet local market demands.

Sadly for IKEA, this sometimes is not the case, so check the size of your mattress in your country in all cases. Comparing it to the standard that IKEA has used.

IKEA is known for doing its own thing when it comes to furnishings and having the buying power of this worldwide superstore. You can pretty much make manufacturers do whatever you ask if the volumes are respectfully high enough.

So the answer is still yes, and no. The key is to know the measurements of your mattress and measure the bed frame, so you know what you are buying.

In some cases, you may find a small gap that you did not expect. It’s frustrating, but if you have the bed frame of your dreams at an affordable price, then maybe you can live with such a discrepancy in sizes.

Know More About Your Mattress

If you are investigating and considering a bed frame from IKEA, you will have noticed that the bed frames are slatted almost exclusively, and this should not cause any genuine concern to the buyer.

The problem arises with slatted bed frames when it comes to the mattress. Not all mattresses are best suited to a slatted base, and depending on the thickness of your mattress, you may feel the slats when laying on the mattress.

Spring mattresses come in a range of thicknesses and have specific requirements from slats on a bed frame.

Ikea slatted bed frames are often fitted with a pronounced curved slat. The better slat for a spring mattress is a flat slat.

Memory foam mattresses can benefit hugely from slatted bed frames. Actually, it’s suggested that a slatted bed frame will make a memory foam mattress sleep a lot cooler.

This is a massive benefit for some of you as you find you can have the best of both worlds, comfort and support and sleeping cool. It’s impossible to ask for more when it comes to sleeping.

Slatted Bed Base Measurements

It’s worth noting that the slatted frames from IKEA can vary from bed frame to bed frame. Why? It is because IKEA has designed a mattress to fit that frame perfectly.

Why is this a potential problem for you?

In a nutshell, it’s about support, support for the mattress and you. If the mattress, for some reason, is constructed differently from the IKEA brand mattress, then you could find the mattress not being supported at either end.

Imagine lying in bed, and your feet or shoulders are sagging with the bed frame. It’s a real scenario you need to be aware of.

Do I Have To Use IKEA Slats?

Well, we now venture into the realms of the whys and wherefores of specific design criteria.

You will need to assess if the IKEA designers have just utilised a standard IKEA slat without any thought, or can you remove the slats and use flat slats?

This is a dilemma, but knowing that other manufacturers of bed frames use flat slats on many of their bed frames should give you some confidence and encouragement to make changes.

Indeed, a spring mattress will perform better on a flat slatted base, as will a memory foam mattress.

Replacing Slats

Let us assume you have decided to replace the IKEA slats with your own. It’s reasonable to suggest not to use the IKEA slat centres for your flat slats.

Using a wider slat with a good gap to allow the mattress to breathe will pay dividends to the person sleeping on the mattress.

You can address any mattress support issues by laying the slats before fixing them.

Squaring the corners will be critical so pay attention.

Getting Advice From IKEA

It can be frustrating at times in any store when you try to get advice and the sales staff just don’t have the answers. IKEA is no different, and you may be greeted with a maybe reply.

Incredibly in this day and age, there is no standard mattress size, which is where the confusion sets in.

Combined with staff that are not well trained, the probability of walking from an IKEA store with an accurate answer is a long shot.

If you have your heart set on an IKEA bed frame and you have your mattress or would like a specific mattress that IKEA does not stock or have a comparable product, then you could drop them an email.


Although no definitive answer can be supplied because the situation probably depends on two factors: the bed’s design to match an IKEA mattress and the country you live in.

Ikea makes some very fashionable products, and it is easy to see why you may be drawn to one of their bed frames that has a design that fits your home.

The correct answer to give in these circumstances is to measure the bed frame and the mattress. If you find an acceptable variation, then proceed. If not, you may need to look elsewhere or even decide to purchase the package from Ikea, knowing that the set will fit perfectly.