Why Is My Pillow So Hot?

Waking up or not sleeping because of a hot pillow? 

Today we are going to cover the reasons why your pillow gets so hot. And how to stop it! 

If waking up, and flipping your pillow to the cool side, is a regular routine. 

You’re missing out on deep sleep. 

It could be because your pillow is not breathable or retains heat. 

Let’s find out. 

What causes pillows to get hot? 

The intro alluded to the answer. Most of the time the material making up the pillow isn’t breathable and traps heat. The fill of most types of pillows prevents airflow, trapping your body heat, quickly turning what was once a luxurious pillow into an uncomfortable oven for your head.

Other factors that can make your pillow hotter could be your pillowcase. If it does not allow enough airflow to keep your face and neck cool while you sleep. Also, some bedding materials are more breathable than others, so you want to make sure you’re choosing the right ones.

Moreover, some bedding is more sensitive to the environment’s temperature than others. To ensure your pillows stay cool, choose a fabric that absorbs moisture (from sweat) while preventing bacteria from growing. You could look into bamboo sheets or bamboo pillows.

Ways to keep your pillow cooler

We have a list of the best cool pillows which generally are memory foam pillows with holes or gel infusion. There are some pillows that require you to freeze your pillow during the day, but this is an extreme case and we don’t recommend those types of gimmicks. 

Another solution is to improve your pillowcase. We recommended a silk pillowcase, they are incredibly comfortable and turn any pillow into a dream. Plus, the thin fibres are highly breathable.

What else will keep a pillow cool?

A bedroom fan, even one that blows a small amount, can keep the heat from accumulating inside your pillow and evaporating moisture that builds up on your body or bedding.


Hopefully, this short post will keep you cool when temps are high, and you invest in a pillow with moisture-wicking properties to deter those uncomfortable sweat-soaked mornings.