Argos Mattress In A Box Review

Argos has become a trusted and loved the brand since you received your first pen from them. However, now that they have entered the bed in a box area, how do they stack up?

In this Argos’s rolled up mattress review, we look at their home brand and the other mattresses they offer, both online and in-store.  

You can pick up a single mattress for around £100. This is by far one of the cheapest places to do that. But can such a cheap mattress offer a quality sleep experience?


Argos surprisingly offers a few high-end mattresses from Eve, Simba, Nectar, and Tempur. However, I suggest getting these mattresses from the existing brand’s website because of the trial periods, warranties, and deals. It’s an excellent option for Argos to offer this range of products. 

Next, we have more popular brands;  Aidapt, Airsprung, Dormeo, Forty-winks, Habitat, Mammoth, Sealy, Sleepeezee, and Stompa.

Then, we have JAY-BE and Silentnight have over 50 different variations combined.

Finally, we have Argos’ home mattresses which make up 21 variations. However, we will focus on the ones with the most reviews and make comparisons to see if they are worth it!

Argos Home Brand 

Collect & Go memory foam

Argos Home Collect & Go Memory Foam Rolled Single Mattress
  • Single – King size: £145 – £190.
  • “Memory foam mattress”.
  • Rotate the mattress regularly.

This mattress has a two-layer construction, the top comfort layer is 2cm of memory foam, and the foundation is 13cm of polyurethane foam. The cover is a soft touch and stretch cover, and the mattress is stitched to provide more durability. It also has over 3000 positive reviews.

The mattress is rolled for easy movement and allow 48 hours for it to expand. You get a 100-night exchange on the mattress.

Open Coil Mattress

Argos Home Open Coil Single Mattress
  • Single – King size: £95 – £140
  • Open coil mattress with 216 springs (single).
  • Made in the UK.

This mattress is made in the UK and has Bonnell springs, and it’s cheaper than the above mattress, which is a surprise. The two major problems with this mattress are that Bonnell springs are prone to squeaking after some time. That’s why most modern mattresses use pocket springs now. 

The other drawback is there is no foam on the top comfort layer above the springs. It’s just a quilted sleep surface for a “great night’s sleep”. Having springs as a base with sufficient layers to stop them from sticking in your back won’t be very comfortable.

Like before, the mattress is rolled for easy movement and allows 48 hours for it to expand. You get a 100-night exchange on the mattress.

Hybrid 2400 Pocket Mattress

Argos Home Hybrid 2400 Pocket Single Mattress
  • Single – King size: £230 – £350.
  • 1370 Pocket springs (single).
  • Made in the UK.

This is Argos’ most expensive mattress, the Hybrid 2400 pocket mattress. They say it has 1500 deep pocket springs and an additional layer of 900 extra comfy mini pocket layers. However, this is the same for the single and king size, and it also states it has 1370 Pocket springs for the single size and 2411 springs for the king in the bullet points. 

This is confusing and must just be an error in the description of the product. However, having pocket springs and mini pocket springs is a nice touch. However, there is no mention of foam or memory foam, just that it is topped off with luscious layers of soft white fillings. 

There are mentions of feeling the springs through the top layer. Which I would say is a given with the design. 

Like before, the mattress is rolled for easy movement and allow 48 hours for it to expand. You get a 100 night exchange on the mattress.

What to know

The bad

Argos tries to compete with the mattress in a box wave with their 100 night exchange policy. But where the bed on a box brands offer a refund, Argos only offers an exchange. So if you pay x at the store, you will only be able to spend that amount and won’t get a refund.

The warranties and guarantee are only for a year across the brand’s range. This can be problematic because the Argos range falls in the budget category, which means they tend not to have a more expensive mattress’s durability. So be prepared that the mattress might start to sag and lose support after a year! 

With only a year warranty, Argos thinks so as well. Compared to most bed in a box brands that offer 10 years or sometimes more like in the case of Nectar, where they offer a forever warranty.

You have to pay for delivery. Most mattress companies will offer free delivery because you are spending a couple of hundred pounds with them. But with Argos, you either have to collect it or pay for shipping.

The Argos brand mattresses do not have adequate layers to stop you from feeling the springs, especially if you are on the heavier side or share the mattress. 

Argos Home mattresses come with a zip-off cover made of 100% polyester. The cover, however, cannot be washed, bleached, tumble dried, ironed, or dry cleaned according to the label (located inside the mattress cover next to where it unzips).

The good.

A selection of the Silentnight mattresses has same-day delivery and collection. Argos’ mattresses are very affordable, so that they could be perfect for a guest room or something along with that nature. You can purchase a range of mattresses, including high-end mattresses like Simba. However, it’s advisable to buy them from the brands’ website to use the coupons, night trails, and warranties.

You can check if the mattress is in stock at your local Argos and go pick it up that day instead of waiting for delivery. 


I wouldn’t recommend the home brand for regular long time use. This is because the mattresses lack support, durability and come with a 1-year warranty. They would work as a spare mattress for guests or a temporary solution, but if you don’t find it comfortable, you can’t get a refund, you can only exchange it for another one within 100 nights.